PT. Prodia the CRO participated in FKUI Enlightenment Exhibition

FKUI enlightenment exhibition, themed “Creating the Future from the Future in Medical Research”, was held in Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia, Salemba – Jakarta, on December 4-5, 2014.

During the event, there were medical research cluster exhibition, mini symposia and the official launch of the Medical Education and Research Center (MERC-UI).

It is planned that the research center will occupy the expected Twin Tower which will  be completed in December 2015. This research center will have 11 clusters on research, 2 clusters on supporting research and cluster on medical education. The translational research is one of the form of the research that being the primary agenda of FKUI-RSCM.

The event was attended by about 300 participants, from the university, government and industry. Ms. Endang Hoyaranda, the President Director of Prodia Group, participated as speaker in a panel session with the topic “How to establish public-private-partnership in medical research”. Her concern was the quality of the clinical study site and how it would meet the international standard of a world- class clinical trial site.

During the event, Prodia also had an exhibition booth, which was visited by many visitors, mostly researchers from University of Indonesia.

FKUI puts a high concern in developing educational and medicine research in Indonesia. Our hope is that this program would give beneficial effect on the governance of global and national health problem. Prodia, which has been acknowledged to have strong commitment in medicine research, will be on the first line to support the idea.