Clinical research services

Clinical research services

Helping To Deliver Answers For Research Questions.

Prodia the CRO’s approach is by providing our clients with solutions which are customizable to their requirements, cost-effective, secure, regulatory compliant and supported by an effective data collection process.

We understand that CRO has an important function in clinical trial, hence, we commit for the completeness, accuracy, reliability and time-efectiveness of our project. Our solutions are tailored to meet your needs, delivered by our experienced staff and along with our knowledgable experts and consultants.

What We Do?

Clinical Trial (Regulatory/Ethical Committee) Submission

Investigational Product Management

Study Monitoring &

Data Management &


Quality Assurance
& Audit

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The best invention is figured out through research, so we are eager to contribute in the evolution of healthcare management

Prodia the CRO takes care of clinical trial aspects from different angles; be it sponsor’s point of view, investigator’s, regulatory’s, even subject’s. Through our deep understanding of the clinical trial ecosystem, we will deliver the best experience of research to you.

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