Prodia The CRO: Course and Workshop on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) in RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin 2018

BANDUNG – The Course and Workshop on Good Clinical Practice (GCP) was held by PT. Prodia Diacro Laboratories (Prodia the CRO), the Indonesian Association for The Study of Medicinals (IASMED) in collaboration with RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin on 12-13 November 2018. This course consists of 10 topics started from the introduction of the International Conference of Harmonization – Good Clinical Practice up to Sponsor/Contract Research Organization (CRO) Responsibilities. This course is one of the regular GCP courses held by the hospital to ensure all the clinicians and other hospital staffs trained and able to conduct clinical research. Hence, this ensures the protection of the subjects’ safety, rights and wellbeing and the reliability of clinical data.

RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin is a government hospital located in Bandung. It is the biggest and a referral hospital to the Western Java province. This course was attended by 47 participants, which is one of the highest training participants so far. The participants are clinicians from various departments in RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin Bandung. They come from the group of surgery, oral surgery, urology, medical rehabilitation, physiatry, neurology, internist, cardiology, gynecology as well as skin and genital. During this event, all the participants were enthusiastically participated in all the sessions. At the end, they received both the certificate of attendance and competence.

Currently, there are over 320 hospital staffs has been GCP certified in collaboration with Prodia the CRO and IASMED at the hospital. The increase of qualified site staffs is expected to improve the running of clinical trial at the hospital supported by Clinical Research Supporting Unit (CRSU) that has been established in RSUP Dr. Hasan Sadikin.