Prodia Central Laboratory

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Prodia Central Laboratory support clinical trial starting from collecting up to analyzing the specimens as well as preparing the specimen kits. All study procedures are conducted in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 15189. Prodia Central Laboratory is the first and the only CAP-accredited laboratory in Indonesia.


  • The first clinical laboratory in Indonesia with CAP accreditation
  • The first clinical laboratory in Indonesia with ISO 9001 & ISO 15189 standards
  • The first clinical laboratory in Indonesia with NGSP certification
  • Member of Clinical and Laboratory Standard Institutes – CLSI (USA)
  • Extensive internal quality control procedures (performed by Technical Quality Assurance Unit)
  • Extensive external quality control procedures (RCPA Quality Assurance Programs – Australasia, EQAS- Biorad, PNPME – Dept. of Health Republic of Indonesia)

  • Comprehensive quality assurance programs and compliance to GLP procedures
  • Best 100 performance in worldwide third party quality assessment